• Alemnis nanoindenter nanoindentation mecanical testing

    Pousser les frontières
    des tests nano-mechanique

  • Alemnis nanoindenter nanoindentation mecanical testing

    testing at high dynamic and
    high temperature conditions

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[] Alemnis enables breakthrough academic research in material science by providing leading-edge micro- and nanomechanical property measurement instruments that can be applied in a wide variety of testing environments. Alemnis manufactures a miniature nanoindenter instrument which can be integrated with numerous imaging equipment and used in many different set-ups such as in-situ testing with a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) or in-air testing using a light microscope, a Synchrotron Beamline and many more.

Alemnis’ mission is to use its deep expertise in nanoindentation and its proprietary technology to advance the field of material science, support the quality control of manufacturing processes, and the testing of materials and equipment by developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art micro- and nanomechanical testing equipment for use in academia and industry. 

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Alemnis is the forerunner in In-situ nano indentation since 2008. Discover our micro-nano mechanical testing platform.

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